Housing+Solutions serves homeless women with families through personalized supportive housing programs that best meets the needs of each tenant.


    We recognize that our tenants who are mothers need to take care of themselves before they are able to provide for their families. Our staff provide mothers with the support services they need to take care of their children, including counseling for trauma or substance abuse, employment services, and education referrals. Our Health and Wellness counselor provides family therapy, which is available to both mothers and children.


    For tenants with children in foster care, having secure housing is often the first step in reuniting their families. Our case managers focus on helping mothers navigate community resources for their children, such as working the with Department of Education and local schools, coordinating childcare, and locating services for children with special needs. Staff coordinate recreational events for our families to help children and their mothers relax and integrate into the Housing+Solutions and neighborhood communities. We pride ourselves on making sure all of the school-age children in our programs advance to the next grade level every school year.


    As we watch the children of our tenants grow up, Housing+Solutions is with them every step of the way. Our Employment Support Services (ESS) program recently expanded to help the older adolescent and young adult children of our tenants plan for their futures, including help obtain work permits, enroll in education/vocational training, and search for a job and/or internships.

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    Women in the Criminal Justice System

          Alternative to Detention

          Alternative to Incarceration (Drew House)

    Female Veterans

    Employment Supportive Services

    Trauma, Health, and Wellness Services

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