• Success Stories

    Sharon graduated from an accredited cosmetology school this year, has her NYS license and works full time (without benefits). She has made a cheerful, loving home for her two children and opens her home to other teenagers in the building who come to her for advice. They know she speaks from experience and her heart. Her motto: “do whatever it takes to make a home for my children and keep my life in order.” Janice graduated from drug treatment and moved into a three bedroom apartment to reunite with four children. The two youngest (3 and 5) moved home after she completed a parenting program and convinced the court she was ready, willing and able to care for them. Two teenagers living with their grand­parents stay over on weekends and holidays. She has held a full time office job with benefits for over two years and she is held in high regard by her employer. She is a tenant council president. Her motto: “live one day at a time.” Isabel lived in a family shelter with two of her four children. They were all reunited when she moved into a Sunflower House and it was hard—learning to live together again. She has had three jobs in the last year—it is difficult to find full time work with her background and poor work history. She doesn’t give up. She and a tutor are working on math—the stumbling block to passing the GED test and then a better job. She wants to save $1000. Her motto: “give me a chance and I’ll make something good happen.”

    4 West 43rd Street, Suite 316 | New York, NY 10036 | Phone 212-213-0221