In 2010, Housing+Solutions opened Drew House, the first family alternative to incarceration program in the nation. In partnership with the Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes, this pilot program’s primary goals are to keep families together while also ensuring that a participant successfully completes her mandated court sentence. In response to the staggering impediments that a felony charge presents to future employment and housing opportunities, Drew House is a rehabilitative environment that focuses on family stability, counseling, job training and other supportive services. All of our participants are non-violent, first-time offenders, who work to complete mandates so that their felony charge is expunged.

    An independent evaluation by Dr. Lorie Goshin and Dr. Mary Byrne of Columbia University School of Nursing and funded by the New York Women’s Foundation determined that the innovative Drew House model works, and its primary recommendation was to “scale up and replicate.”


    For a comprehensive look at the Drew House program, click here for Drew House Report.



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