Our tenants have struggled to find long term employment with enough living wages and benefits to sustain a family. Many have not completed high school and have had difficulty in a competitive job market finding better paying jobs. Some have limited or irregular work experience, which also makes it difficult to compete. Even women with work experience have rarely had secure or permanent employment with the ability to move up and expand their earning potential.

    The Employment Services team includes a Job Developer, Employment Coordinators, Career and Veterans Job Specialists, and a youth employment coordinator works with women and eligible youth (between the ages of fifteen and twenty-three who are members of our households). Staff work with tenants to establish individualized employment and/or vocational and educational outcomes related to their unique circumstances. The “employment plans” may include: completing GED, enrolling in post-secondary education programs, participating in job readiness activities, job search, employment and long term job retention and career advancement and opportunities.

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